"I’ve visited with thousands of voters and consistently I hear concerns that City Hall doesn’t care about our safety or the quality of our roads in Northeast Spokane, but they love to keep taking and increasing our taxes. Well, I care a lot because this is where I own my home and want to raise my family.


Together, we'll eliminate waste and redirect those resources to law enforcement, we'll inject accountability into our homeless programs to ensure street to feet success, and we will make fixing our forgotten residential streets a priority. You can count on me to fight for you in City Hall!" -- Michael Cathcart


Michael Cathcart was born and raised in our Spokane community. He received his B.A. from Montana State University. Today, he resides in the Shiloh Hills Neighborhood in Northeast Spokane.

Michael has been blessed to have had a number of great professional opportunities to draw from as a Councilmember, including working to advance pro-housing and pro-economic growth policies for the last several years with the Spokane Home Builders Association and Better Spokane, as well as an eye-opening experience seeing first hand how Olympia's policies can make or break a City like ours as a State Senate staff member.

Michael has advised and has been involved in numerous public outreach and advocacy campaigns, including work to require a more thoughtful approach to taxation by requiring a supermajority vote of the Spokane City Council or a simple majority vote of the people. He also successfully worked to defeat multiple ballot initiatives sponsored by East Coast activists that threatened our community's economic climate. 

Michael's campaign is focused on a better way for Northeast Spokane. We need someone willing to fight like hell for our oft-forgotten district. Michael is focused on addressing difficult issues such as increased crime and drug addiction on our streets, and a lack of property crime investigations; the poor prioritization of our streets; a housing shortage that's harming affordability and limiting options for our families; an emphasis on growing more jobs with higher wages to pull people out of poverty while providing greater economic opportunity for all; and a focus on earning the people's trust through a more transparent government. 

In his spare time, Michael enjoys Crossfit and competing in Spartan Races. 

You can reach Michael at 509.999.8315 or Michael@VoteCathcart.com


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  • Fmr. Neighborhood Council Chair/Vice-Chair/Community Assembly Rep

  • Professional experience: Executive Director, Better Spokane; Director of Government Affairs, Spokane Home Builders Association; Legislative Aide, Washington State Senate

  • Member, City of Spokane In-Fill Housing Steering Committee, 2016

  • Member, City of Spokane Mayor’s Quality and Affordable Housing Taskforce, 2016

  • Member, City of Spokane Comprehensive Plan Update - Land Use, Housing, and Transportation Workgroups, 2013-14

  • Spokane Association of Realtors Community Partner of the Year, 2016

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